Does cooler weather make us smell b??????etter?

You don’t need to sweat on those mornings after a cool-down. We’re not saying that all sweaty air will have its way with you. However, the smell will take over after you’ve exhaled a little bit of it and you’re still sweating, so please be sure to take it off right away if you’re not certain. (If you find you’re sweating a lot, you should take a few minutes to relax after the last 30-40 seconds, or else you risk damaging your skin!)

What other foods and drinks can be problematic during a c??????hilly day?

A few drinks, though. In particular, alcohol will make your skin sticky and make you look ridiculous. Some people like to take a glass of wine when they go to bed, and some may have to drink a cocktail or two in a couple hours before bed. Be aware that a cold sweat can actually turn your ???stomach. There’s nothing to be afraid of, though; drinking will give you the energy to work hard and get back on track after that initial cold-down.

Does cooler weather make us smell better